What's Next?

Holistic Extension of Life Program

     The profits from the book will open the door to more substantial and far-reaching projects.  The book will provide the initial resources necessary to establish a global health-educational network with live-in teaching centers in various countries so people can simultaneously learn and experience the reality created by moving their diets in the directions described.  As various centers in the US currently charge upwards of $3000/week for some minimal dietary change, a little exercise, and some dubious information, the market for a far superior, less expensive, program is immense.  We will make available, in addition to an all raw diet and the information necessary to really understand the issue of human diet, the most effective techniques of freeing up the intellect, emotions, and body of old unhealthy patterns that were programmed into us by a self-destructive society.

     The profits from the health-educational network will support the establishment of a network of raw-food communities in the Tropics, the general purposes of which will be continuing research into raw and fruitarian diets, tropical fruit production, human potential/consciousness, ecologically sustainable communities, gene banks, alternative/appropriate energy-systems/technology, publishing our results through current multimedia technology, and physical survival in the face of a collapsing global industrial society.  As various successful self-sufficient models of community living suited to different ecosystems are developed, teams will travel the globe to demonstrate these sustainable lifestyles to various indigenous peoples, especially those using traditional, yet, ecologically-suicidal methods, such as slash-and-burn agriculture, deforestation, or the raising of animals.

     Thus, those choosing to invest in the original book will not only reap an extraordinary personal financial gain, but their investment will be fundamental to developing global projects which will eventually uplift the health and consciousness of millions of people on our planet.  Imagine the spiritual payoff.

     Where can anyone find a better investment than this??


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