Menstruation: another hoax

Menstruation: a linguistic and biological fairy tale.

a fantasy concocted by men, a conceptual structure from their imagination.

     It has been long reported that humani females when transitioning from a Standard Amerikan animal-centric Diet (SAD), through the trajectory: SAD. cooked-glop vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, uniformly experience reduction and eventually complete cessation of all the unpleasant manifestations of "The Curse": "cramping", bloating, bloody discharge, pain, tactile sensitivity, offensive odors, lack of energy, headaches, general non-specific bitchiness, ...

    It is important to understand that all "disease", illness, "symptoms", physical discomfort, etc. is caused by the human poisoning itself with a cultural diet.  Local dietary practices are passed on down through generations, from parent to child by psychological conditioning. The child has no decision-making responsibility in this 'weaning' process, and table-side strife, threats, and punishment are frequent dramas resulting from the stressful nature of dietary acculturation by parents forcing their faulty dietary habits onto innocent, defensiveless children.

     Nature does not create discomfort or pain; human ignorance does.  The above mentioned unpleasantness is simply the result of cleansing efforts of the body initiated after the brief fertile time has passed.  Several toxic amine compounds with instinctually-unpleasant odors may be present, including those in human meat-eaters' feces, or decaying corpses.

> ... and colleagues discovered that men find odors during the follicular phase the most attractive and least intense. On the other hand, the highest intensity smells, corresponding to the lowest attractiveness for men, were found during the time of menstrual bleeding."
      This supports the concept that menstrual discharge is a cleansing process, and the excretions are metabolic wastes.

    "Wait", you say, "everyone has these symptoms, so they must be 'natural'".  Everyone gets "colds/flus" too, so they must be "natural".  They are not and may be simply eliminated permanently by dietary change.  Raw vegans do not get "colds/flus" or discomfort during their fertility cycle.

    This ignorance comes from two factors: the great majority of people eat a highly toxic local cultural diet and most medical personnel are males, or taught by males, so are not particularly interested in solving "female problems".  IF male doctors had the same symptoms as females do monthly, including a bloody, smelly discharge through their penises, don't you think they would enthusiastically research the issue and solve it?  Being a "womans' problem", no one is interested, even the female MD's and scientists.

    Humans are frugivorous apes, with a genetic distance from the chimps, our closest genetic cousin, of a mere 1.6%.  Chimps, the other apes, and animals, in general do not 'menstruate'.  They may manifest estrus, but that event is out-of-phase with 'menstruation'.  That is, estrus occurs before the fertility window and 'menstruation', manifest only in the human, occurs after the fertility window.   More important, estrus presents no discomfort to the animal, while human 'menstruation' is accompanied with a plethora of unpleasant manifestations, listed above.



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