Lawrence J Forti
B.S./M.S. ChE

>>Consultancy Objective/Special Interests<<

Research and Development in pollution control/recovery, alternative energy systems, appropriate technology, solar design/engineering, bioarchitecture, ecology of civilization, design of self-sufficient community, human ecology/potential/consciousness, futurology, holistic comparative religion/psychotherapy/medicine, general systems approach to human survival/optimal initiatory evolution, global famine/malnutrition solution, organic agriculture, ecoscience, dietary toxicology, psycholinguistics, transpersonal psychology, epistemology

Research and Development in Chemical Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Senior Chemical Process/Project Engineer, Senior Pilot Plant Engineer/Scientist, Senior Instrumentation Engineer, Senior Test Engineer, Senior Start-up Engineer, Senior Pollution Engineer, Senior Environmental Engineer, Ecoscientist

>>Special Needs<<

Smoke-free Office. Client must have a high ecological consciousness.


1989-date Marquis Who's Who in the South and Southwest
1964 M.S. Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.
1962 B.S. Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.

45% program leading to M.S. Electrical Engineering
35 years practical experience in electronics

1989-1990 Writer for Alive & Well on Planet Earth, a vegetarian living-foods journal
8/88-11/91 Independent fund raising consultant (Telecom Xpress Inc., Schaumburg, IL.)
8/69-date H*E*L*P/Ecologos, Boston, MA/Miami, FL. Research in human nutrition and its effects on aging, disease, consciousness, longevity, evolution; owned/operated a private natural/holistic healing/educational center; lecturer on holistic health; community and conference organizer; general systems analysis of and response to global situation and trendings; research in comprehensive anticipatory education/intelligence/creativity; creation of solution to global famine/malnutrition/agriculture megacrises; solution for "colds/flus"; solution for "degenerative diseases".

11/82-2/83, 10/79-3/80 International Resources Development Inc., Miami, FL. Design/development/production of prototype electrofloatation particulate recovery system. 

9/78-10/79 Miami Dade Community College, Environmental Demonstration Center, Miami, FL. Volunteer consultant as Director of Research responsible for design/implementation/maintenance of prototype alternative/appropriate technology devices, including solar, thermal, hydraulic, wind, and electronic equipment. Ecorational architectural design and construction of EDC building and facilities.

1971 Eco-control, Cambridge, MA. Creation and start-up of company, synthesis of juvenile hormones.

5/69-8/69 Polaroid Corporation, Waltham, MA. Consultant responsible for design of tank farm and pumping systems, leaf filters, fume scrubber, vacuum system. Breakthrough research on steam jets, evaporative cooling, vacuum leaks, heat transfer, solid bowl centrifuge.

6/67-5/68 Monsanto Company, Everett, MA. Process/Project Engineer in service to chemical production departments. Responsible for conceiving, developing, designing, engineering, purchasing, supervising installation, start-up, and debugging of projects for manufacturing departments with the objectives of reducing manufacturing, labor, and maintenance costs and increasing product rate, yield, and quality, upgrading safety conditions, pollution control. Bench scale Research and Development, use of IR/UV spectrophotometers, FI/TC gas chromatography.

3/65-3/67 US Army, Captain, Signal Corps, Fort Ord, CA Military Occupational Specialty 7601 Electronics Engineer, Test/Project Officer with Test Branch, Instrumentation Support Group, US Army Combat Development Command Experimentation Command. Conceiving, writing, and publishing acceptance test plans, accept/reject criteria, and reliability tests designed to measure the conformance of highly specialized electronic state-of-the-art research equipment to contract specifications. Performing and/or supervising test procedures, data taking, and analysis. Providing/supervising logistics for implementation of test plans. Interpreting and evaluating contract specifications and test data, writing test reports, and recommending acceptance/conditional acceptance/rejection action to purchasing authorities. Maintaining liaison with and supervision of Stanford Research Institute, Litton Industries, vendor, and military personnel.

1/63-3/65 Monsanto Company, as above.

6/58-6/62 Stedfast Rubber Company, Mattapan, MA. Co-op lab assistant involved in the compounding, testing, production, and quality control of organosols, plastisols, and natural/synthetic/silicone elastomers used in the shoe, tape, and electronic industries.



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