My proposed book.

     One of the main reasons for creating this web site is to seek out funding to support the electronic research, writing, publishing, and promotion of my first book on human diet and its relationships to health, energy, and consciousness.

     A little background: I have a strong academic training in chemistry and engineering: a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering and half an MS in Electrical Engineering.  I used to give everyone cancer for a living, by mindlessly supporting the polluting industries: Monsanto and Polaroid, before I started waking up in 1969.  That was the year that I dropped out of the dominant, omni-destructive, cultural paradigm and started an ongoing attempt to recover from my traditional mechanistic/industrial polluting education and discover what being a human being really is.

     Since I had lived the first 29 years of my life unconsciously playing out the expectations, uncritically accepted demands, and false models of reality of others: parents, school, college, army, and industry, I gradually discovered that I was merely a mindless cultural robot and simply had no idea of who/what I really was, and therefore decided to reeducate myself in order to find out who/what I really wanted to be when I "grew up".  [For those of you who are not yet aware that you are cultural robots, programmed by a self-destructive, greed-based society to support its, not your own, best interests, an introduction to how we are conditioned into cultural hypnosis and carry out our lives as unconscious automatons is provided in the book Waking Up: Overcoming the Obstacles to Human Potential, Charles T. Tart, Shambala, Boston, 1987]

     For the first time in my life I had the time and freedom to read what I wanted and started investigating various areas such as vegetarian diets, general systems theory, Bucky Fuller, spiritual prophecies from many different cultures, consciousness research, transpersonal psychology, various Yogic disciplines, environmental science, agricultural practices, appropriate technologies, alternative energy, toxic food additives, ... and I was amazed that, no matter what I read, the overall conclusion was that the current global industrial society is in a terminally self-destructive mode and, without major, global, life-supporting systemic changes, it would collapse within my lifetime.  The ensuing three decades have served only to confirm the overall suicidal direction of global "civilization" and its consequences.  Societies based on greed can not endure.  The historical record indicates that all previous attempts at "civilization" have failed.

     After 29 years of the Standard Amerikan Diet, I did two years as a quasi-Macrochaotic rice-and-beaner, and then as a result of attending a couple of lectures at Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, I did a 7 year stint as a raw fooder.  During that period, I owned and operated a live-in raw food clinic also in Boston, where people could learn about, experience, receive support, and maintain a totally raw diet.

     My research into the effects of diet on human health, energy, and consciousness continues to this day; and presently, I am seeking about $100,000 investor support to complete the electronic research, write, publish, and market my first book on the subject.  Investor(s) will receive 100% profit on their investment from the returns of the book.  This is strictly an indeterminate-term loan, the repayment and interest of which is totally dependent on profits from sales of the finished book: it is NOT a partnership, equity investment, or venture capital model.

     The profits from the book will support several important and far-reaching projects.

     There are so many books currently available on human diet, why do we need yet another one??  The answer is simple: the great majority of current and past books on diet are total nonsense written by medical doctors, ~75% of whom never receive any nutritional instruction, by nutritionists who aren't taught enough chemistry or physiology to understand the simple and glaringly obvious fact that our species is simply NOT carnivorous, or by laypersons who could not pass an eighth-grade science quiz.  That which is taught to produce degreed "professional nutritionists" is little more than propaganda of the United States Department of Agriculture ideologues whose real purpose is not to produce healthy, highly nutritious foods for our nation, but rather to support the economic empires of the cattle, grain, dairy, poultry, toxic food-additive, pesticide, farm chemical, junk food, and food-processing industries, and most recently, the genetic manipulators of our "foods".

     The resulting global epidemic of "degenerative diseases", and their immense personal suffering, produced by this false information has resulted in the current, and totally unnecessary, skyrocketing "health care" costs that are bankrupting global economies, while simultaneously making the medical, agricultural, and chemical industries unconscionably rich.

     Mountains of scientific research in the past few decades that clearly link meat, dairy, and grain eating to the most popular degenerative diseases" are simply, and quite unethically, ignored by these industrial apologists for obvious economic and political reasons.  Since most books on vegetarian/vegan diets are written by laypersons, however sincere, yet totally ignorant of the most fundamental chemical, arithmetic, and biological realities, they are not scientifically credible, they contain absurd endlessly-repeated folklore, silly dogma, and total misinformation; and, as such, have little audience beyond those already convinced.

     These poorly written books on vegetarian diets and their nonsensical false information create the basis for the general opinion that vegetarians are a bit "odd", at best.  The great and unprecedented advantage that my book will provide will be an easy-to-read, yet powerfully rational analysis keyed to the current scientific literature, and therefore will be unique.  Since it will use current medical and nutritional research to refute the current erroneous, disease- producing, medical and nutritional dogma on human diet, it will be both highly credible and controversial.  This should assure sales well beyond the instant bestseller status reached by conventional diet books.

     A list of possible topics follows:

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