British Invasion of Nonsense

    A silly article from the London AU. May 31, 2008

Is a raw food diet, or "Going Down", good for you?
by Amanda Ursell

Can our bodies survive the raw food revolution?

AU> Los Angeles, raw food is nothing new.
    Brilliant historical insight!  
     Since humans evolved for countless millions of years on a totally raw diet before the very recent, rather unfortunate, capturing of fire by humans, we can not only "survive", we will thrive on a frugivorous raw diet and avoid the "degenerative diseases" common among the cooked, animal-centric, cultural diet eaters.  Further, these is no evidence that humans can live an optimally-healthy life while consuming cooked foods -- all societies that consume cooked foods also have local health-care specialists -- witch doctors and their techno-analogs in 'civilization'.  
     If a society has "medicine men", or a "traditional medical system", that is conclusive evidence that said society does not know how to live in a healthful manner.

     Indeed, the Greek God Prometheus was an ancient Greek Titan.  The Prometheus myth first appeared in ca. the late 8th - early 7th centuries BC.  He stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals for their use.  Big mistake for the mortals.  This resulted in severe ongoing difficulties for the humans; deforestation, cooking, moving into cold climates where no fruits were available most of the year, air pollution, green house gases, climate change, ...


    Then, it gets worse. In Greek mythology, Pandora (from Greek: "giver of all, all-endowed") was the first woman.  

     Each god helped create her by giving her unique gifts.  According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar (pithos) in modern accounts referred to as "Pandora's box", releasing all the evils of mankind— greed, vanity, slander, envy, pining — leaving only hope inside once she had closed it again.  As part of the punishment of mankind for Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire, all the gods joined in offering this "beautiful evil" seductive gifts.  
     The myth of Pandora is very old, appears in several distinct Greek versions, and has been interpreted in many ways.  In Hermes' retelling of her story, Pandora's deceitful feminine nature becomes the least of mankind's worries.  For she brings with her a jar containing "burdensome toil and sickness that brings death to men", diseases, and "a myriad other pains".
    Thus, fire/cooking were recognized at the fundamental cause of disease, sickness, and death, some 2700 years ago; facts we are rediscovering with modern research.

AU>  If you exist on uncooked vegetables, seaweed, fruits, nuts, seeds and little else, it is not surprising that excess pounds will fall away.
    "Not surprising", IF one recognizes that our frugivorous ape species SHOULD eat only raw food, just like ALL other non-human species on the planet, and that eating cooked food is the reason for the current epidemic of obesity.  Let's see: 10's of thousands of species on this planet eat only raw food, ONE, the sickest species on the planet, the ONLY one that creates "degenerative diseases", sets their food on fire before eating it -- so WHO is in severe error?

AU>  Its followers also say that switching to raw food makes you feel more energised. This may be true.
    There is no "may" about it, all excess weight WILL be eliminated effortlessly -- with no exercise, no drugs, no liposuction, no stomach stapling,

AU>  Losing weight can give you a high, and weeding out sweets, cakes, biscuits, fast food and takeaways will smooth out your blood sugar levels, leaving you more energised throughout the day.
    Hmmm..."may" has suddenly changed to "will" in the next sentence.

AU>  However, a raw food regimen is not just another diet, it's a way of life that requires serious commitment to reap the health benefits, and the long-term implications need to be considered carefully.
    Intelligence is more required, and beneficial, than blind, mindless "commitment".

AU>  Cutting out meat, fish, eggs, dairy foods and cereal grains would result in the loss of many nutrients.
    But, will these "losses" be clearly identified and backed up by credible scientific research?  NOPE!  Making unsupportable, meaningless generalizations to denigrate the natural human diet in favor of the animal "food" industries' greedy propaganda is Standard Operating Procedure for "professional" nutribabblers, as well as amateurs.  They just make things up as their partners in deception, the anthro-apologists, do.
    These propagandist phonies have no intellectual integrity whatsoever, and prey upon the masses, dismally-uneducated in baby science, as their intended corporate victims.  These liars are responsible for uncountable human slaughter; the only possible outcome of following their 'recommendations'.
    Similarly, other "professions" are engaged in global-scale human slaughter, of course always in the name of "good"; i.e., the medicos.

AU>  My advice is first to master a healthy and nutritionally complete vegan diet before progressing to raw food.
    "Advice" about a "vegan diet" from someone who has absolutely NO personal experience?  This like a priest giving "marriage counseling".
     There are NO mentions of "vegan" on her web site, and only two mentions of "vegetarian". "... being told that ‘most sharks are vegetarian’", and and one recipe.
    She complains about "... know-it-alls ..."; yet, is she not behaving exactly like that by giving people "advice" about vegan diets when she obviously is not the slightest bit familiar with plant-based diets?  Seems to be a major breakdown of rationality, quite possibly caused by her animal-centric diet.

AU>  This means making sure that you get enough protein from nuts, seeds and pulses.
    Absolutely nonsense, nothing is, nor can be, presented to support these excesses.  Adult humans need <1% of protein in the total diet.

AU>  For bone-strengthening calcium you need plenty of sesame seeds, almonds, ...
    It is well known that excessive protein consumption results in acidic metabolic wastes, and thus dissolves bones.  So, eating three to seven AU as much protein is simply idiotic; what would happen to your automobile if you FORCED it to intake 3-7 AU its designed capacity?
     Excessive protein consumption also causes excess cortisol to be produced in the body.
     "Cortisol is a corticosteroid hormone produced by the Zona fasciculata of the adrenal cortex (in the adrenal gland).  It is a vital hormone that is often referred to as the "stress hormone" as it is involved in the response to stress.  It increases blood pressure, blood sugar levels and has an immunosuppressive action."  It is also called a "flight or fight" hormone, since it is produced in AU of physical stress in prey animals, and also in humans that consume too much protein as this misleading article recommends.  Its effects include: "preparation for a new activity (e.g., fighting, fleeing, mating)"

"food" % pro excess, % of need
almonds 21.2 636
peanuts, raw 25.8 774
sesame butter 18.1 543
lentil 9.0 270
soy beans cooked 16.6 498
cashew butter 17.6 528

AU>  For bone-strengthening calcium you need plenty of sesame seeds, almonds, figs and dark green vegetables. Soy beans are also a reasonable source.

"food" calcium: mg Ca/100 grams
sesame butter 960
almond butter 270
collards 145
kale 135
broccoli 37
figs 35
cauliflower 22
zucchini 21
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
savory, ground 2130
fennel seed 1196
chives 813
tofu 683
agar, dried 625
mustard seed 521
curry powder 478
black pepper 437
kelp 168
spirulina 120
soy beans, cooked 102

    Adult needs are estimated as 800mg - 1500mg/day, so, there are many common foods with much more calcium than the foods recommended.  A couple of hundred grams of tofu/day would adequately meet one's needs.

    Worse, there are several "diseases" caused by ingesting too much calcium.
    "Arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, low stomach acid, muscle/joint pains, depression, fatigue, glaucoma, higher risk for several cancers, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, calcification, dry skin, constipation, ...

AU>  For iron you can turn to watercress, spinach, cashew nuts, peanuts, dried figs and prunes.

"food" iron: mg Fe/100 grams
watercress 0.2
spinach 2.7
cashew butter 5.0
peanuts 2.6
dried figs 2.0
prunes, dried 3.5
thyme 124
parsley 98
turmeric 41
black pepper 29

     Again, many common "foods" contain more iron than the recommendations.
     Worse, there are several issues caused by ingesting too much iron, and difficulties are created by ingesting animal products in the false belief that animal corpses are a beneficial source of iron, when animals contain heme iron, a toxic form of iron complexed with red blood cells.
     Opposed to popular meatarian propaganda, too much iron is the real problem with iron metabolism, especially with meat-eaters.
     "However, surveys of vegans have found that iron deficiency anemia is no more common among vegetarians than among the general population although vegans tend to have lower iron stores."

AU>  The large amounts of fruit and vegetables eaten mean that you will easily hit your “five a day” target (one portion is about 80g of fruit or veg: an apple or pear, for example, ...
    Really?  Duh -- 5 times 80 grams equals 400 grams, less than a pound of food per day.  What nonsense!

AU>  ... or a couple of tablespoons of veg such as broccoli or cauliflower), ...
     A tablespoon of "broccoli or cauliflower" weighs no where near 80 grams; this indicates AU>'s grasp of chem lab and arithmetic.

AU> ... For vitamin D, in the UK you need to ensure that you get enough sunlight in summer to build up your body's stores for the winter.

"During winter months, vitamin D production is reduced. However, the body can rely on tissue stores of vitamin D for between 30 and 60 days assuming levels are adequate prior to winter."

AU>  As for micronutrients such as zinc, ...

zinc: mg Zn/100 grams
wheat germ 12.3
agave, dried 12.1
sesame flour 10.7
cottonseed flour 11.7
sesame flour 10.7
sesame butter 10.7
pumpkin seeds 10.3
squash seeds 10.3
watermelon seeds 10.2
sesame seeds 10.2
baking chocolate 10.6
hyacinth beans, raw


chervil, dried 8.8
sesame seeds, whole dried 7.8
shiitake , dried 7.7 <natural source of vegan
and kosher vitamin D2
pepeao, dried 7.5
celery seed 6.9

AU> ... selenium ...

selenium: mcg Se/100 grams
brazil nits,dried 1917.0
nuts, mixed


mustard seed, yellow


wheat, duram 89.4
sunflower seeds, roasted


wheat bran, crude 77.6
wheat, hard red spring 70.7
amaranth flakes 70.7
sunflower seed 62.2
pita bread, whole wheat 44.0

AU> ... vitamin B12 ...

AU> ... I would take a general, vegan-approved vitamin and mineral supplement, although this is probably frowned on by raw food purists.
     Notice, the compulsive insult of "raw food purists" by a diet hack who does not even acknowledge the undeniable fact that she is living in the body of a Tropical ape, with a genetic difference of only a mere 1.6%.

AU> ... Young and old
Susan Price, a spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, says that she has concerns over a raw food way of life being suitable for children, the elderly and for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Price, a specialist in gastroenterology, says the high fibre intake could exacerbate IBS.
     Again, the blatant denial of science in the name of industrial profits.  Humans evolved on a totally raw diet for millions of years; coking is only a rather recent cultural fad that is leading to severely-shortened life span for 6+ billion people on this planet.
     How can Amanda Ursell be so confused and blatantly incorrect about such fundamentally-obvious facts concerning her own physiology, anatomy, and biochemistry?  How does a two year old infant intuitively understand that the human species is a Tropical ape, and should eat a fruit-centered diet?

Amanda Ursell is a qualified nutritionist with a post graduate diploma in dietetics. Born and brought up in West Sussex, England, Amanda studied at King's College, London University where she gained a 2:1 BSc degree in nutrition and the Associatedship of King's College (AKC).

President of the Student Nutrition Society, on completion of her degree course, she spent a further year at King's to be awarded a post graduate diploma in Dietetics.

She is a member of the British Dietetic Association; The Nutrition Society; The Guild of Health Writers and The Guild of Food Writers and has been made a Visiting Fellow of Oxford Brookes University.

In 2003 Amanda was awarded the HFMA Health Writer of The Year award and in 1999 and 2000 was voted the most influential health professional in the UK.

     Now, that's just plain sad.  
     A Bachelor's degree and a "post graduate" degree, and she is so unfamiliar with her own species that she sadly and erroneously believes that she is an "omnivore", but she is a frugivorous ape.  Remember, there is no meaningful mention, certainly NOT any attempt to analyze or honestly discuss even the concept of a plant-based diet or a raw diet on her "nutrition" site; this in direct, but evasively-unstated, denial of her own anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.  So, her web site is nothing but commercial agribiz food advertising thinly disguised as "nutritional information".
     Several years ago, a couple of books decried the horrendously-poor "educational system" in Amerika as it was intentionally disassembled by the globalists.  It seems England has also slipped into educational darkness, as Amanda so clearly illustrates.

AU> But it's not all about fruit and vegetables which you would expect me to sing the praises of. How about a succulent steak cooked to perfection or some fresh sardines thrown on a barbecue and eaten with hot crunchy bread?

AU> You can enjoy extra lean cuts of meat like very lean steak and pork a couple of times a week and lots of fish and seafood both white like plaice and coley and cod (not in batter or breadcrumbs!) and oily like sardines, salmon mackerel and pilchards which can be fresh, frozen or canned. Fresh tuna steaks are also good.

AU> ... fear of enclosed spaces and a habit of attracting calamity..

AU> ... told me that breaking off my close relationship with salt could lead to an almost instant weight loss that I took notice.
     Ah, no interest at all in her own heath, in spite if her alleged "nutritional education", but the interest in weight loss was motivated by an narcissistic, false body image.

AU>  ... especially if hostage to your monthly cycle when waistbands strain to breaking point. As MacGregor explains "Exactly the same principles apply to the menstrual cycle where many women swell up. A reduced salt intake can often relieve symptoms dramatically."
     Seems our little ape-girl is ignorant of the fact that NO animal in Nature menstruates, and that human menstruation is strictly result of eating animals, animal milk, and, to a lesser extent, protein-concentrated, cooked foods.

AU>  So it is time forget the things you shouldn't eat, reconnect with real food and start concentrating on things that you actually enjoy. Make a list or just imagine them and then think of the ways in which you most them being prepared and served.
     Oblivious to her ape-ness, AU has never known what REAL food is for our frugivorous species.  No one familiar with the sheer pleasure created by eating in harmony with our genetic programming would recommend steaks, seafood,eggs, anchovies, poultry, and...
    HINT: real food for any species does NOT NEED to be "prepared". How do the rest of the ape species "prepare" their food?

AU>  And with this (genetic) information will come the possibility to offer individual tailored dietary advice to help protect against or even prevent symptoms from such problems ever arising.
     What a fantasy.  There is no scientific evidence that even suggests that different members of the same species SHOULD eat different diets.  This does not happen in Nature.  And one can not fool Mother Nature with cheap dietary trickery as AU> has fallen innocent victim to.

     But, this epistemological horror is not propagated by her intentionally; her false and deadly "educational" paradigm, now faithfully regurgitated in her current "classes", was simply accepted unconsciously by her during her "educational" programming without any attempt to analyze the meaning and content of her programming.  So, on and on, generation after generation, the industrial propaganda is repeated without rational scrutiny.  This is the severely-pathological process by which an apparently-intelligent person is subconsciously programmed into being a helpless cultural robot that actually believes that she is an indefinable "omnivore".
     I say "omnivore" in quotes because NO scientific definition is ever offered to support use of this word as valid for the human species.  Much to the deadly detriment of our species, and fully responsible for all of the diseases and premature deaths created by eating animal corpses and milk in human history, humans are called "omnivore" ONLY because we have been culturally-conditioned to behave in such a self-destructive mode.
     That is, there is NO scientific definition of "omnivore" based on the obvious: anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.
     An intellectually-HONEST approach would be:
     1> identify all natural omnivores; animal that eat both plant and animals
     2> compare physical and biochemical profiles (structure of teeth, jaws, claws, talons, pH of stomach acid, fecal odors, bacterial profiles of colon contents, ...
     3> compare the variables to see which attributes are common in all natural omnivores, and which are not
     4> see if the human has the same attributes as natural omnivores

     This would be a valid way to determine that humans are assuredly NOT omnivores.  
     A much simpler approach would be to ask a two-year-old infant to eat a kitten, RAW, using ONLY its natural physical equipment, like ALL NATURAL OMNIVORES DO, and said infant will refuse to do so, as determined by its inherent HUMAN instincts.  
     Then, we must ask: how did a nice, innocent ape-child, like Amanda, come to have her intellectual potential so distorted, prostituted, and manipulated by the prevailing animal-centric economic forces that she actually believes she is an "omnivore", like the Bears, Coatis, Canines (like gray wolves or dingos eat meat and some vegetable manner), Hedgehogs, Opossums, Pigs, Raccoons, Rodents, including Chipmunks, Mice, Rats and Squirrels, Skunks, Sloths, Cassowarys, Chickens, Corvids (including Crows, Magpies, Ravens and Rooks), Keas, Rails, Rheas, Some fish (such as Piranhas), Some lizards, and turtles.  How were her human instincts so suppressed that she has abandoned them in favor of being an economic slave to The System.

     The answer is simple: an "educational system" that is little but a programming tool of the extant economic system.  A false educational system that teaches innocent children WHAT to think, not HOW to think; and we all suffer as a result.   Remember those Four Food Groups posters in the grammar schools, put there to program defenseless children into being a mindless meat, egg, and dairy consumer?  At least I was not exposed to Coke and other junk foods in school; that is a relatively recent "development".

     Industrial greed and public health disaster disguised as "education".  That's the Amerikan way, now being spread globally.

And now, the fun part:

I sent Amanda the folowing e-mail on Jul 20/2008; it is now Aug 16 and guess what?  No response yet, after almost a month, so I set her another copy today:

" I wrote as a response to your Times
I hereby challenge Amanda to an informal public debate on any topic in
human-relevant nutrition, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, evolution, and
especially to specific issues I raised in my above critique.
Please come to my newsgroup: to accept
and start the discussion.
Hope to hear from you soon.


2nd e-mail:

I sent you an e-mail on JUL 20. inviting you to a public debate on my
Almost a month later, there has been no response.
I know you must be busy with all your commitments; however, this
public exchange will be beneficial to perhaps hundreds of thousands of
people on several nutritional newsgroups.
It is an excellent opportunity for you touch the lives of many more
folks than classes of 20 at a time.
Perhaps, you missed the e-mail, so I will repeat it below:

"I wrote as a response to your Times
I hereby challenge Amanda to an informal public debate on any topic in
human-relevant nutrition, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy,
evolution, and
especially to specific issues I raised in my above critique.
Please come to my newsgroup: to accept
and start the discussion.
Hope to hear from you soon."

Thus, I am repeating the invitation.

Scientifically-credible info on plant-based human diets:"

Any bets she'll respond?











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