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     The site deals with the results of my 42 years of research on various vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based diets.

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The only newsgroup for discussing the science of vegan diets.

     Given the large number of nutrition- and diet-oriented newsgroups and mailing lists on the Internet, and the widespread and embarrassing lack of meaningful, scientifically-credible, or useful information in them, I have created a newsgroup,, to discuss the science of human diets, with the obvious emphasis on vegan and vegetarian ones.
     Unlike other vegan or vegetarian newsgroups, there is no yakking about the 'ethical' or 'spiritual' issues or recipes, just the logic and science involved.  If the above news:link does not work, go to your e-mail client's list of newsgroups and subscribe.  [In Outlook Express, hit Ctrl W and enter "vegan" in the search box, highlight, and hit subscribe.]

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